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FAQs - Donations

RESTORE Belize receives donations for very specific programme activities with strict guidelines on how funds are to be spent. In some cases, assistance is given directly to individual beneficiaries e.g. through the I AM Belize Scholarship programme.  In all cases, there are eligibility criteria by which RESTORE Belize would decide if you can be a beneficiary.  If the support that you are requesting falls within the guidelines of one of our programmes, then you can call our office, send us an email or stop by and we will advise you how to apply.

In other cases, resources that we secure are given to another organization which works directly with beneficiaries.  For example, in the Computer-Assisted Learning Programme, computers and software were given to agencies such as the YMCA, Water Walkers, the UBAD Educational Foundation, and others, who would then offer literacy and numeracy training to their clients. 
The technical and financial resources we secure may also be used to provide training (e.g. Conflict Mediation Programme) or to sponsor a particular activity (e.g. Midnight Basketball and Peace in the Parks.) Please explore our website to learn more about our specific programmes.  In all cases, RESTORE Belize must account to the donor for how the funds are spent and we are obliged to use it for the agreed purpose.

RESTORE Belize does not receive discretionary funds from the Government of Belize or from its donors and so we are not able to respond to ad-hoc requests for assistance.