Peace in the Parks is a programme that focuses on bringing child-friendly cultural and educational activities to neighbourhood parks. The overall goal of the Belizean Peace in the Park Series is to provide a series of sponsored public events and thereby reclaim public spaces so that vulnerable populations can enjoy safe recreational activities such as Belizean music, Belizean poetry, and Belizean drama.  Typical events would range from free face-painting for children, paint by numbers guided by adult artists, teaching drumming, traditional Kriol games and songs, and cultural dances. The activities are geared towards engaging children in non-violent activities, while supporting Belizean artists.

The primary target group is children aged 6 to 12, who live in neighbourhoods that currently, offer few or no safe recreational activities and which are heavily impacted by crime.  This initiative will involve:

  1. the restoration of existing parks or the renovation of abandoned public spaces throughout Belize City;
  2. a programme of regular  (at least once-a-month) cultural and educational events to be held in these public parks and spaces.

The Peace in the Parks Programme has the added benefit of providing cultural education and promoting local artists within the community.  It will, as the programme grows, offer small employment for developing artists and is so doing develop the cultural tourism product.