10464358 706728652698225 2449086722665561874 nAt RESTORE Belize we believe that every child can learn, even though teaching methods may need to be varied. 
We thank Belize Natural Energy Charitable Trust (BNECT) and Belize Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) for their support and investment in the youth, Belize's future, through the RESTORE Belize Scholarship Programme. We have some graduates this year. 

Congrats to:

  • George McKenzie (Maud Williams)
  • Welton Franklin (Wesleys)
  • Jason Tobar (ACC)
  • Jennena Alfred (Sadie Vernon)
  • Raheem Valerio (Sadie Vernon)
  • Zane Bartley (Excelsior)

10448760 706721656032258 500530353158693768 nThough the bulk of RESTORE's activities are generally focused in Belize city, programmes such as Conflict Mediation Training and TOMS Shoes Distribution are more national in scope. The scholarship programme has impacted lives as far as the Toledo District and Sarteneja. Congratulations are also in order for:

  • Sayel Santoya (Sarteneja Baptist High School)
  • Secundia Rash (Julian Cho)
  • Juan Cal (Julian Cho)

These students are not just graduating but doing very well. Fayel makes it the second year in a row that a scholarship student has been the schools valedictorian and Jenena finished third in the voting process and will deliver the vote of thanks at her graduation ceremony. Zane placed second in voting at Excelsior and will perform salutatorian duties.

For more information on how you can make a difference and give one such child the opportunity of a lifetime click here.