The 8th Day of Healing will be held on the Charles Bartlett Hyde Complex field on Sunday February 23. This effort seeks to rekindle a sense of community and reconciliation in neighbourhoods throughout Belize City. The organisers, the Day of Healing Committee, hope to stem the tide of violence and resulting division of the community by using a bottom up approach that makes the individuals from the community itself become empowered as the main players in their own betterment. Using sports, family games and entertainment performances, an inspiring occasion for neighbours of all ages has been created.

The upcoming event back a complex after the Street Art Festival on Albert Street the day before will include games, entertainment, rides and food for all ages. Parents and children, police officers and community leaders will spend the day interacting in a positive way with each other. Prizes will be given to winners and food and drink will be given to everyone free of cost. Do your part and come out with your friends and family to this Day of Healing.