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This year RESTORE Belize decided to reach out to the elderly. It was a good opportunity to engage this group of society that we do not always place primary focus on. We interact with Sandra Augustus better known as “Aunt Sandra” in other capacities but knowing that she has been operating Dreamlight Ministry for the past four years (out of her own pocket) we thought it was better to operate through her ministry. 

Meeting with the ‘seenagers’ we shared a meal and conversation. During some activities after eating they were able to tell us what it meant by “when the gang bruck” and other stories about when their parents were in the logging and chicle industries. We got lessons on dancing the ‘Tennessee Waltz’ and basically just had a good time. We hope your National Service Day was as fulfilling as ours. Thanks to the individuals at the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) who dug into their personal funds to help create gift bags.