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Nowhere to fly is a production that involves (dance, theatre, etc) that discusses the effects of gang involvement on our young population. It aims to spark a national dialogue (first starting in Belize City) in a constructive debate about gangs in the face of increasing efforts to suppress gang activity with police presence through GSU and Precinct Policing. Two of five scheduled performances have already taken place at Central American Boulevard and the Gwen Lizarraga High School. The next production will be held February 22 on Albert Street as part of the 2014 Street Art Festival

During the auditions Artistic Director Joseph Stamp-Romero, who also wrote the piece, stated that individuals who had already been witnesses to gang related violence were sought to play the characters. One person looking at the play at Gwen Liz remarked that the performers did not seem to be acting as much as retelling their stories; a testament to the quality of the actors' craft and the auditioning process. 

Apart from acting, the production features, song and spoken word, one piece actually done by Wilford Felix who also helped prepare the actors for the production. Points addressed during the presentation include

  • Why are boys attracted to gangs?  
  • Where are gangs likely to thrive? 
  • What is the connection between young boys’ need to for self identification and gang association. 

After the perf

ormance at Gwen Liz, the audience got the opportunity to interact with the characters. On the event carded for the Bliss Centre a more formalised dialogue will take place between all stakeholders invited.

For more pictures of the event click here. Nowhere to fly is funded through RESTORE Belize's Peace in the Parks programme by a grant from UNESCO.