DSCN3499UNICEF is supporting steelpan lessons to youths in Southside Belize through a donation of instruments and financial support for weekly classes coordinated by NICH and RESTORE Belize.

Saturday June 7 marked a milestone where the advanced class of those lessons held their first performance at their practice space located at the corner of Bishop Street and East Canal. This initiative was an effort to garner community interest and commitment to the classes from parents and guardians. Practice sessions have already started to increase through the natural interest of community members walking to the practice space during lessons.

The event started at 3:30 pm with Pan Club students and their parents watching a private viewing of recorded steelpan competition from Trinidad and Tobago to see how large the opportunities were through playing pan. Three IPod minis were given to students as prizes based on attendance and discipline. The winners were Quincy Smith, Dominique Noralez and the Romero twins. Three gift baskets were given to parents who showed continuous support and commitment to the club. Those were Francine, Mrs Jones and Mrs Chi. Mrs Chi was unable to attend the event so her token was personally delivered to her home. These prizes were meant to be a show of appreciation to consistently committed persons and encourage others.

After prizes were given the pan club and their parents exited the training facility to a free community concert featuring the Pantempters Steel Orchestra and Drums not Guns Belize City which is another initiative designed to increase social inclusion and reduce urban violence. The pan club then made a private performance for parents and guardians playing the song “Freetown Gyal”. There were over seventy individuals attending the overall event. For more information about becoming a member of the pan club, please contact (Get Info From MARIO).

DSCN3501Mrs Chi