Who We Are

Background: In response to an increase in violent crime, RESTORE Belize was established in 2010 within the Office of the Prime Minister to improve the quality of life of every citizen through restoring law and order and community building, as defined in Belize's Horizon 2030 Long-Term Planning Framework.

Mandate: The programme is mandated to promote greater collaboration between agencies and to mobilize human, technical and financial resources to accomplish its mission to make Belize a safe, vibrant home for residents through inclusive, multi-sectoral and citizen-centered action.

Frameworks: RESTORE Belize adopts the following three inter-linked conceptual planning frameworks promoted by UNICEF and by Belize's National Committee for Families and Children: The Life Cycle Approach, The Ecological Model for Community Development, and The Social Well-being Framework. Incorporating these frameworks into its programmes, Restore Belize focuses on the root causes of crime, addressing areas such as education, parenting skills, mental health, and conflict mediation to ultimately contribute to a culture of peace.

Interventions: RESTORE Belize aims to contribute to a culture of peace by addressing the root causes of crime “through inclusive, multi-sectoral, citizen-centered action”. It achieves its mandate at both the executive and technical levels through the design, implementation, and coordination of its programmes, a full of which is available under the “programme” menu on this website. 

Donor-Partners: As a local level, urban-centred coordination, resource mobilization and monitoring and  evaluation body, RESTORE Belize seeks to forge strategic partnerships with organizations from the three main pillars of society - government, civil society and the private sector - as well as with international development agencies.

A key function of the programme is in resource mobilization of individual citizens and civil society as well as the procurement of financial, technical and material resources. The international donor community and diplomatic missions have embraced the greater RESTORE Belize programme as an appropriate umbrella for coordinated strategic action and investment.

Because RESTORE Belize is government-led, its major proponents are government ministries, departments and programme units. In addition to these, the programme seeks to develop strategic partnerships with the National Committee for Families and Children (NCFC), the Crime Control Council (CCC), community agents and international and local funding agencies.

Below is a list of past and present donor-partners who have contributed to the programme's aims and initiatives:

  • UNDP
  • Organization of American States
  • TOMS Shoes
  • Literacy Without Borders
  • Rotary
  • The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Belize
  • US Embassy Belmopan
  • The British High Commission
  • Belize Telemedia Limited
  • Belize Water Services Limited
  • Chamberlain Consultancy
  • Atlantic Group of Companies
  • Development Finance Corporation
  • The National Library Service and Information System
  • Belize Tourism Board
  • National Institute for Culture and History
  • Belize Natural Energy Charitable Trust
  • PACT

To find out more about how RESTORE Belize contributes to citizen security, take a look at What We Do.