RESTORE Belize is a government agency with the mission “to make Belize a safe, vibrant home for residents through inclusive, multi-sectoral and citizen-centred action.”  Situated within the Office of the Prime Minister, RESTORE Belize is mandated to promote greater collaboration between agencies and to mobilize human, technical and financial resources to accomplish this mission.  RESTORE Belize has outlined its approach in a Strategic Plan, which calls for action in three primary pillars with the expected outcomes indicated below: 


The fundamental philosophy of our approach is that in order to establish a peaceful and productive nation, we must simultaneously address both areas. Furthermore, public and private efforts must be well coordinated to ensure maximum outcomes from the investment of our scarce national resources.  

RESTORE Belize is operationalised by a small secretariat charged with the day-to-day multi-sectoral coordination, resource mobilisation and monitoring and evaluation of all RESTORE Belize plans and activities. The secretariat acts as a catalyst to accelerate the implementation of the RESTORE Belize Strategic Plan by government agencies as well as by the private sector and civil society partners.

How We Are Funded

The Government of Belize pays the salaries of staff and RESTORE Belize is tasked with fundraising to fulfil programmatic costs. Strategic planning and partnering is crucial to ensure that monetary funding and other resources are brought together to address needs in the most efficient manner.

  • Australian Aid
  • Belize Red Cross
  • British High Commission
  • Partners for Democratic Change
  • United Nations Country Team

Our Partners

As a local level, urban-centred coordination, resource mobilization and monitoring and  evaluation body, RESTORE Belize seeks to forge strategic partnerships with organizations from the three main pillars of society (government, civil society and the private sector) as well as with international development agencies. Because RESTORE Belize is a government-led programme, its major proponents are government ministries, departments and programme units. In addition to these Government Ministries (including their various Departments and Programme Units), the RESTORE Belize Programme seeks to develop strategic partnerships with the National Committee for Families and Children (NCFC), the Crime Control Council (CCC), community agents and international and local funding agencies.

A list of past and present partners includes:

  • Apostolic Nunciature in the Czech Republic
  • Atlantic Group of Companies
  • Belize Natural Energy Charitable Trust
  • Belize Telemedia Limited
  • Belize Tourism Board
  • Chamberlain Consultancy
  • Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
  • Heritage Bank
  • National Institute for Culture and History
  • Organization of American States
  • PACT
  • US Embassy Belmopan
  • TOMS Shoes