Mandate: RESTORE Belize is a government agency mandated to promote greater collaboration between agencies and to mobilize human, technical and financial resources to accomplish its mission “to make Belize a safe, vibrant home for residents through inclusive, multi-sectoral and citizen-centred action.”

Roles: RESTORE Belize is the main coordination body in the country and is a driver of collaboration. It conducts resource mobilization to support its programmes and promotes innovation in programme design.

In that latter role, RESTORE Belize fills in programmatic gaps in the country by designing and implementing innovative pilot programmes which introduce novel up-to-date model for coordinated delivery of services to disadvantaged families experiencing high levels of violence and trans-generational social exclusion. A full list of these programmes can be accessed at the "Programmes" menu above and includes education, mediation, and other peace building activities.

The experiences and information garnered from these programmes provide invaluable insights into the dynamics and needs of Belize’s most vulnerable communities.

Policies, Plans, and Frameworks: At the national level, RESTORE Belize has been instrumental in publishing plans, reports and frameworks which strengthen the country’s institutional memory in documenting its programmes and coordination efforts. More importantly, these documents inform the country’s larger citizen security initiatives.

These include the Strategic Plan 2011-2015 and the Strategic Progress Report (2011-2015), a Compilation of Information on Citizen Security, the Round Table Proceedings Report, the EWS Plan, and evaluation reports on the Metamorphosis and CALS programmes, all of which are available at the Document Library here. RESTORE Belize is currently working on a systematization of its Metamorphosis programme and a Citizen Security Policy and Plan.

Strategic Plan: The Strategic Plan 2011-2015 and its subsequent Progress Report frame RESTORE Belize’s actions in three key dimensions. The three primary pillars with the expected outcomes are indicated below: 


Philosophy: The fundamental philosophy of RESTORE Belize’s approach can be summed as follows: to establish a peaceful and productive nation, public and private efforts must be well coordinated to ensure maximum outcomes from the investment of Belize’s scarce national resources.

How We Are Funded: In line with this philosophy, RESTORE Belize’s programmes are funded through strategic partnership with international organizations, regional bodies, and members of the public and private sectors in Belize. While RESTORE Belize is tasked with fundraising to fulfil programmatic costs, the Government of Belize pays the salaries of staff. Strategic planning and partnering is crucial to ensure that monetary funding and other resources are brought together to address needs in the most efficient manner. A full list of our partners is available on the “Who We Are” section here on the website.